MYC Painting Services: Painting a Way to a Brighter Future

With unemployment amongst the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) population at 16%, nearly three times the national unemployment rate of 5.8% (August 2016), Marist Youth Care developed an innovative social enterprise solution. In January 2015, they established professional painting and decorating service MYC Painting to focus exclusively on employing ATSI apprentices under 21 years.

To kick-start the enterprise, MYC needed to develop two crucial relationships to ensure sustainable supply and demand for the service, the first of which was with a Master painter who could ensure MYC Painting delivered work to a commercial standard.

Marist Youth Care worked with an industry expert who was looking for the right opportunity to leverage his expertise to run a commercially viable social enterprise that would create employment for marginalised communities.

 “The next step was to identify an organisation (customer) that would benefit from such a service, have the ability to commit to a large volume of work to sustain the enterprise, and value the employment of at-risk job seekers,